The Practice

The Practice


The practice was established in 1978. Under the original name, Practice Velleman, it was one of the first entirely independent practices in Amsterdam.

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy was in the 70’s and 80’s primarily a treatment for the highly educated, the elite. From the very beginning Practice Velleman set out to also treat more vulnerable patients, patients who needed more care than just psychotherapy. Therefore from the outset Practice Velleman looked for ways to provide people, next to psychotherapy, with extra care. The foundation of the philosophy of the practice, that people with psychological problems often need more than just psychotherapy, was laid.


One of the ways to provide patients with extra care was through psychotropics. Due to the strong advancement and development of psychotropics, and the possibilities it opened up, the support of patients with medication, next to the psychotherapy, became an increasingly larger part of the way of working. It also became clear, that not only did the support of psychotropics significantly improved the effects of the psychotherapy, but that a large group of patients who were previously not receptive to psychotherapy indeed could be treated with psychotherapy.

In the last ten years, the Jewish Life Teachings in particular became increasingly important, as an essential part of the way of working of Practice Velleman. The integration of these teachings had a decisive influence on the development of the attitude of Chesed, loving kindness to patients. On top of that, in practice it became apparent that the Jewish Life Teachings intrinsically were a highly valuable addition to the existing way of working: it gave patients direction in their lives, direction that patients often found too little with just psychotherapy.

Current form

In 2014, mister Haas took over the practice from mister Velleman. In the coming years he will continue and further expand the practice and its philosophy with personal devotion.