Are you stuck?

Are you stuck in your life, privately or professionally? Do your complaints and/or problems are at at point where you have the feeling you won’t be able to get out of them yourself? Then you can come to us. Also if your complaints and/or problems create such limitations in your functioning in relational, social and/or professional areas that you yourself consider help needed, you can come to us.

For what complaints and problems can you come to us?

  • Mood complaints
    If you feel a depressed mood a great deal of the time, experience loss of enjoyment or lack of interest in daily activities, you often feel exhausted and/or you’re having trouble with varying moods.
  • Anxiety complaints
    If you often feel tense, are having sleeping problems, experience compulsive symptoms and/or are having panic attacks.
  • Attention deficit and/or hyperactivity problems
    You are having difficulty maintaining your concentration for extended periods of time and/or you’re often feeling restless during the day with a strong urge having to do something in order to alleviate your restlessness.
  • Unexplained physical complaints
    If you experience one or more physical complaints, for which after medical examination no physical cause can be found, and from which you experience such impediment that it limits your social and/or professional functioning.
  • Eating problems
    If you are preoccupied with your body weight, whereby your image of yourself is influenced to an inordinate degree by your body shape and/or body weight. And whereby you possibly deal with eating in a disturbed manner.
  • Sleeping problems
    Your primary complaint is difficulty with falling asleep or staying asleep. When getting up, you often do not feel rested. Or if you have trouble with excessive sleepiness over an extended period of time.
  • Burn-out
    You experience exhaustion due to your work to such a degree that you no longer function well in your work. You feel less competent at your work than previously.
  • Insecurity
    If you feel insecure about yourself to such a degree that you suffer from it in one or more areas of life.
  • Identity problems
    If you notice that you often do not know what you want in one or more areas of life and/or you have difficulty feeling where your wants and longings lie.
  • Second- or third-generation problems
    If you notice that you have suffered personal damage (e.g. in the area of identity and/or religion) from growing up in a family in which your parents or your grandparents were traumatised by the Second World War. And whereby you may have experienced that there was a great sadness present in your family that was not or was rarely mentioned.
  • Unresolved grief
    If you notice that you continue to be affected by the loss of a loved one, to such a degree that it influences your daily life.
  • Complaints as a result of a traumatic event
    If you have recurring intrusions (nightmares or flashbacks), are developing sleeping problems, are feeling irritable and/or are having intense shock reactions.

Problems getting along with others

You can also come to us if you experience problems dealing with other people, among other things when these problems manifest in your partner relationship, social- or work environment. These problems can express themselves in the following areas:

  • Feelings
    You do not have your feelings under control or you have them too strictly under control, in a way that handling your feelings in these manners complicate or damage your relationships with others.
  • Thoughts
    If you interpret yourself, others and/or events in such a way that you to a greater or lesser degree assign frightening and/or threatening thoughts to yourself, others and/or events. And if these thoughts influence your behaviour in such a way that they create behaviour in your contacts with others that complicates or damages your relationships.
  • Problems with impulse control
    If you have more than a few moments during which you cannot control your anger which leads to serious conflicts with others around you.
  • Lack of social skills
    If you notice that in social situations you are often lacking the right social skills, to manage yourself in a good way in contact with others.

Vague complaints

Even if you do not recognise yourself in the symptoms previously described, but do feel stuck in your life and/or experience limitations in your functioning, you can always request an introductory meeting*. Vague complaints in particular can be a good reason to request such a meeting. Big problems are often hiding behind these kinds of complaints. Even if you initially can’t put your problems into words well enough, you can come to us for such a meeting.

Tailor-made help

We offer tailor-made help. We will never treat you as a ‘diagnosis’, but will always treat you as an individual and place your complaints and problems within the context of your personal life and background. We will always try to find appropriate help for your complaints or problems.

* If it turns out that further treatment is not possible or preferred from your side or ours, than we won’t be charging you for this meeting.