Vacancy Psychiatrist

We’re looking for a Psychiatrist (in training) or Doctor (assistant), with an interest in Psychotherapy, who wants to come and work in our practice.

We are a private psychotherapy practice (five staff members), based in Amstelveen on the border of the South of Amsterdam. We work together closely in an amicable atmosphere.

Our main viewpoints are:

  • Every treatment with us is tailor-made.
  • Treating our patients humane is paramount.
  • Our attitude towards our patients is first and foremost based on Chesed, kindness and compassion towards our patients take central place in our way of working.
  • Torah wisdom is used as an essential addition to treatment. And for part of that wisdom we take inspiration from Chassidism.

Setting working days and hours is open for discussion. The activities will consist mainly of pharmacotherapy, combined with psychotherapy and psychodiagnostics.

Finally, there is ample room for further deepening of knowledge and skills. There is in-depth intervision twice a week and possibilities for supervision.

If interested, please ask for Z. Haas.