Working method

Working method


We try to make a first appointment with you within one or two weeks. If we are full, we’re always more than willing to think about possibilities for another therapist.

First care

In the first couple of sessions, we take care of you. In these first couple of sessions, you can tell your story. You can settle down. If needed, you also get an appointment with a psychiatrist, in which a possible need for medication will be assessed. If medication is needed, usually a supportive medical treatment can be started immediately.


After the first care, you’ll have multiple intake sessions. In these sessions we put your complaints in a broader context, in particular the influence of your personality on your complaints and problems will be outlined. We also pay a great deal of careful attention to your life history. We will also always look into your functioning on relational, social and/or professional areas in our intake. Finally, we always include the influence of your environment in the assessment of your complaints and problems.

Psychological evaluation

After the intake appointments, as needed we do further psychological testing, in which a more comprehensive look will be taken at the influence of your personality on your complaints and problems.

You receive a psychological report upon completion of the testing. In this report, your complaints and problems are put in the context of your life history, current life situation and environment.

The report is comprehensively discussed with you. It is important herewith that you recognise yourself in the contextual description of your complaints and problems. After all, you must be able to recognise yourself in the description of your complaints and problems.

Indication setting

After completion of the intake and as needed the psychological evaluation, it will be discussed with you whether treatment is indicated. With an indication for psychotherapy, you will be presented with an individual treatment plan. If you agree with the treatment plan, your treatment will be started.

If there is no indication for psychotherapy and/or no agreement is reached over the treatment plan, we will refer you back to your general practitioner. If requested, we can also give you a recommendation for a further referral.


For your treatment, we use Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. In this form of therapy, you will be helped to learn to discover, recognise and understand you not worked through and unconscious feelings. Your unconscious feelings are often the underlying cause for your complaints and problems. If you get more understanding and hold of these feelings, these will hinder you much less in your daily life and relationships. As a indirect result of this, your complaints and problems will decrease.

Because you learn to know yourself and your experiences much better, you will then be much better able to consciously give a positive direction to your life. You will be able to handle yourself and others in much more constructive ways, so that you will begin to function much better in your daily life and relationships.

Medication: Support for the treatment
Where needed, your treatment will be supported with psycho-pharmaceuticals. This has the goal of reducing your complaints in the short term. You can thus begin to function better again quickly. This can also free you up for a psychotherapeutic treatment.