Referral note

For reimbursement of your treatment , you need a referral note from your general practitioner. It has to mention your diagnosis (or presumptive diagnosis) and ‘referred to SGGZ’. We kindly ask you to bring your referral note to your first appointment.

Proof of identification

We also ask you to bring a document of identification. This is a necessary prerequisite to start treatment. Valid are a passport, drivers license or ID-card.


After finishing the intake sessions and psychological examination we’ll look into your indication for treatment. If there’s an indication for psychotherapy, you’ll receive a treatment plan. If you agree with the treatment plan, your treatment will commence. If there isn’t an indication for psychotherapy and/or there’s no agreement on the treatment plan, we’ll refer you back to your general practitioner.


Appointments must be cancelled no later than twenty-four hours in advance. Appointments cancelled too late won’t be reimbursed by the healthcare insurer. You will have to reimburse these yourself.