Z. Haas

Zimri Haas graduated in 2008 as Clinical Psychologist from the University of Amsterdam. Thereafter, he worked for five years with the Praktijk voor Psychotherapie Amsterdam and at the same time specialised as a Psychotherapist. He earned his registration in 2014. He is a registered Psychotherapist under the BIG Act.

Member of:
LVVP: National Association of Independent Psychologists & Psychotherapists

BIG: 89918208216

J.N. Velleman

Jacob Nathan Velleman graduated in 1972 as a General Physician from the University of Amsterdam. Thereafter, he specialised as a Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist and in 1978 he earned his registration. Today, he has been working for more than 35 years, mainly in private practice. He is a registered Psychotherapist under the BIG Act. As  psychiatrist he is retired, but he remains actively involved with the practice as senior-advisor.

Member of:
NVVP: Dutch Association for Psychiatry (senior member)
APA: American Psychiatric Association
NVPA: Dutch Association for Psychoanalysis (associate member)

BIG: 89024464616

I. Erijman

Ilanit Erijman graduated in 2000 as Clinical Psychologist from the University of Buenos Aires. After her study she specialised further in Israel and in 2011 she received her registration as Psychologist Specialist (School Psychology). Since 2012 she works in the Netherlands. She is a registered GZ-Psychologist under the BIG Act.

Member of:
NVGzP: Dutch Association for GZ-Psychology (aspiring member)

BIG: 69923027525

Z. Juliard

Zoë Juliard studied psychology and received in 2018 her master’s degree in Clinical Neuropsychology at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam. She moved from her internship at the Sinai Centrum to a position as Psychologist. There she treated among other things patients from the Jewish population and patients with Post-traumatic stress disorder. As of end 2020 she works at Psychotherapy Practice Haas & Velleman as Psychologist.

Member of:
NIP: Dutch Institute of Psychologists

D. Reuter-Steunenberg

Daniela graduated in 1996 in French Language and Literature from the University of Amsterdam. After her studies she worked fifteen year as Project- and policy advisor Human resources at the Administrative service of the municipality of Amsterdam. In 2017 she started with her study Clinical Psychology at the Open University. She works two days a week as secretary and diagnostic assistant at the practice.